A (Alpha) Diver below (when stationary); I am undergoing a speed trial
AA Always afloat
AAAA Always Afloat, Always Accessible
AALA American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
AASO Association of American Ship Owners
AB Able seamen
AB (ABS) American Bureau of Shipping - American (US) Ship Classification Society. Under the provisions of the US Load-Line Act - it has the authority to assign load lines to vessels registered in the US and other countries.
Abandoned Well An oil well where production has ceased.
ABS American Bureau of Shipping- American classification society.
Accommodation Unit/Floatel Normally a semi submersible or jack up (See Jack up), equipped with cabins, catering facilities and office space for up to 800 persons. The installation is normally used for the accommodation and catering for personnel constructing or operating a fixed production platform. An accommodation unit may also be equipped with workshops and/or storage facilities.
ACFN American Committee for Flags of Necessity
ACGFO Any Commercial Grade of Fuel Oil
Acid Gas Gas with pollutants causing a low pH-value. Creates corrosion problems.
Acidizing Te injection of hydrochloric acid into the production zone in order to stimulate greater yield. The acid corrodes the sedimentary partitions, thereby increasing permeability.
ACOT Advisory Committee on Offshore Technology
ACP Area Contingency Plan
ACS American Chemicals Society
AD Air Draft - correctly used, air draft refers to the distance from the vessel's waterline to the top of the highest mast in an unladen condition. Important to determine whether the vessel can pass under fixed bridges. (Air draft is also used to refer to the distance from the vessel's light waterline to the top of the hatch coming. This dimension must be known to determine whether the vessel will fit under the fixed shore loading or discharging appliance.)
ADB African/Asian Development Bank
ADEC Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution - a relatively new innovation whose use has increased in the last decade in response to a general rise in litigation in many jurisdictions and the thereby escalating cost associated therewith, as well as the increased dissatisfaction with the legal process itself. The ADR is a tool designed as a supplement to a given judicial system to provide parties of otherwise good and long term working relationship with a cheaper and in most cases less adversial alternative to lengthy court hearings and arbitrations.
Aerated Mud Drilling mud mixed with oxygen to increase efficiency.
AFRA Average Freight Rate Assessment - average costs for the freight of oil with tankships. Calculated by the World scale Association in London. based on an ongoing registration of all freight rates at particular points in time.
Aframax American Freight Rate Association - approximately 80,000 - 105,000 dwt - term for a tank ship of standard size.
AFRASEC Afro-Asian Organization for Economic Cooperation
AFTA Asian Free Trade Area (See ASEAN).
AG Arabian Gulf - also called PG - Persian Gulf.
Agent / Ship's Agent Person looking after the interests of a ship while in port. Duties include organizing pilotage, towage and berth for the ship, collecting freight and signing bills of lading
AGS Annual General Survey
AH Antwerp Hamburg range
AHT Anchor handling Tug - vessel employed in the offshore field moving anchors and performing towing operations.
AHTS AHT which is also a combined supply vessel.
AID Agency for International Development - US organization for civilian aid prograMmes.
AIMS American Institute of Merchant Shipping - the American ship-owners' association for the major part of the privately owned tonnage.
AIS Automatic Identification System
ALADI Latin-American Integration Association (11 members).
ALAMAP Association Latinamericano de Armadores - Latin-American Ship-owners' Association (established in March 1963).
ALU-TUCP Philippine Seafarers' Union, member of TUCP (Trade Union Council of the Philippines).
AMA Association of Maritime Arbitrators, New York
AMOSUP Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines - Filipino union for officers and crew.
AMPD Average Most Probable Discharge
AMR Amercoat
AMS Automated Manifest System (For US Department of Agriculture Entry Processing Procedures for US ports)
AMVER Automatic Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System - American warning system for international shipping.
ANDES’ Pact Customs and tariffs union between Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia with common external customs’ tariffs.
Anchor Piling Mooring point on the sea bed.
Anchor handling Tug AHT - ship carrying out tasks such as the placing or moving of anchors, as well as towing drilling installations and barges etc. May double as a supply vessel and is in such cases termed Anchor handling Tug/Supply (AHTS).
Annular Blowout Preventer Safety valve during drilling operations. Consists of rubber gasket stopping the flow of mud outside the drill string.
Annulus The distance between the drill string and the casing or the wall of the drilling hole.
ANPRM Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (U.S.)
ANS Alaskan North Slope (crude oil)
ANSI American National Standard Institute
AODC Association of Offshore Diving Contractors
AOSC Assistant On-Scene Coordinator (U.S. Coast Guard)
AP All Purposes or Additional Premium
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (18 members).
API American Petroleum Institute - Founded in 1919, the first oil trade association to include all branches of the petroleum industry
API GRAVITY Petroleum industry expression for density of petroleum liquid expressed in API units. - API gravity is obtained by means of simultaneous hydrometer/temperature readings, equated to, and generally expressed at 60ºF. The relative density to API gravity relation is: API gravity at 60ºF = 141.5 divided by relative density 60ºF minus 131.5.
APICOM Association of Petroleum Industry Cooperative Managers
APS Arrival Pilot Station - Signifies a location, on arrival at which vessel will deliver on to a time-charter. Of advantage to a ship owner when compared with TIP, which see.
APT After Peak Tank
AR / ATRS American Tanker Rate Schedule-Revised - A Standards of reference published by a group of American tanker brokers and expressed in dollars and cents for thousands of possible voyages. Commonly used for U.S. coast wise voyages.
ARA Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam, often used as destination specification.
Arbitration A method of settling disputes by one or more arbitrators. Quicker and cheaper than taking a case to court.
ARPA Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
ART Alternative Response Technology
Articulated Platform/ Oscillating Platform An offshore structure fastened to the sea bed by means of an articulated hinge, stabilized by buoyancy elements near the surface. Usually used in connection with loading buoys and flare towers.
ASBA Association
ASBA Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (U.S.A., Inc.), New York
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations - Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore.
ASEM Summit Meeting between Asian and European nations.
ASF Asian Ship-owners' Forum - ship-owners' association for East Asia and Oceania.
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASO Arbeidsgiverforeningen for Skip og Offshorefartoyer - The Employers' Organization for Ships and Offshore Installations (Oslo).
AST Atlantic Strike Team (U.S. Coast Guard)
ASTF Alaska Science and Technology Foundation
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ATDN Any Time Day or Night
Any Time Day or Night Shinc
ATRS / AR See AR above
ATS All Time Saved
ATSB All Time Saved Both ends
AUTOMATIC SAMPLER A device installed in a flow, automatically controlled so as to extract a representative sample of the flow.
AUTOMATIC TANK GAUGE An instrument capable of indicating the level of product from a location remote to the Manual gauge site
AWES Association of Western European Shipbuilders
AWO American Waterways Operators
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