N (November)
No (negative)
N/B New Building
NAABSA Not Always Afloat But Safe Aground - most owners will agree only that their vessel (especially deep-sea vessels) proceed only to ports where there is sufficient water to remain always afloat, so as to avoid the risk of hull damage. There are areas and ports, however, where water depth is restricted but, the bottom being soft mud, it is customary for ships to safely lie on the bottom at certain states of the tide - e.g.: River Plate. In such a case, owners will probably agree to proceed NAABSA.
North-American Free Trade Agreement
NARCO National Response Corporation (OSRO)
NASCO Norwegian Asian Seafarers' Conference
NATO North-Atlantic Treaty Organization - Western defence alliance.
NAVSAC Navigation Safety Advisory Council
NCB National Cargo Bureau
NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (U.S.)
NDFCAPMQS No Deadfreight For Charterer's Account Provided Minimum Quantity Supplied.
Neap Tides The opposite of Spring Tides (which see). Neap Tides occur when the tidal range is at its lowest - in other words during periods of relatively low high tides, and of relatively high low tides. A vessel that is prevented from berthing or from sailing with a full cargo or, indeed, is trapped in a berth by the onset of neap tides, is said to have been "neaped".
NEOBIG Not East Of But Including Greece
NET CAP Net Capacity
NET OBQ OBQ less free water in cargo, slop tanks and lines, and water in suspension in slop tanks.
Net Tonnage NT (0.2+0.02·log10(Vc))·Vc·(4d/3D)2, for passenger ships the following formula is added: 1.25·(GT+10000)/10000·(N1+(N2/10)), where Vc is the volume of the cargo holds, D is the distance between the ship's bottom and the uppermost deck, d is the draught, N1 is the number of cabin passengers, and N2 is the number of deck passengers.
NETAC The National Environmental Technology Applications Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
Nett Terms Opposite to Gross Terms. Cargo-handling is the responsibility and for the account of the charterer or the cargo seller.
NEWCI Not East of West Coast of Italy
NFD Norwegian Friendship Development - Norwegian recruiting office in Manila.
NH North of (Cape) Hatteras
NIDDESC Navy/Industry Digital Data Exchange Standards Committee
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NIS Norsk Internasjonalt Skipsregister (Bergen) - Norwegian International Ship Register.
NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology
NK / NKK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai ( Japanese Ship Classification Society)
NMB Norsk Maritimt Befalskartell - (see FENSO)
NMU National Maritime Union (USA)
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - (A U.S. agency incorporating the National Weather Service)
NOE Not Otherwise Enumerated
NOKUS-company (NOrsk-Kontrollert Utenlandsk Selska Company established in a country where corporate taxes are less than two thirds of Norwegian corporate tax, and Norwegian interests own or control minimum 50 per cent of the shares. Norwegian participants in such companies are taxed in Norway for their share of profits (§7 in Norwegian Tax Law).
NOLA New Orleans, Louisiana
NOP Notice Of Protest - a letter issued by any participant in a voyage citing any condition with which issue is taken. This serves as a written record that the particular action or finding was questioned at the time of occurrence. For example a declaration made by the Master before a notary public or consular official when through stress of weather, there has been or the master fears that there might have been, damage to the vessel or cargo, or occurrences that exceeded or breached the warranties in the Charter Party. Copies are frequently demanded by insurance underwriters in the event of a claim.
NOPEF Norsk Olje- og Petrokjemisk Fagforbund, Stavanger - Norwegian trade union for oil industry workers.
NOR Skipsregisteret, Bergen. Often termed Norsk Ordin'rt Register - the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register.
NOR Notice Of Readiness - notice served by the Master to inform the terminal/charterer that the vessel is ready in all respects to load or discharge cargo.
NORDKOMPASS Nordisk Komité for Passasjerskip - Nordic forum for passengership and ferry companies and shipowners' associations.
NOS Not Otherwise Specified
NOV Net Observed Volume - the total volume of all petroleum liquids, excluding S&W, and free water at observed temperature and pressure.
NPA National Petroleum Association - usually with reference to ASTM D-155 color scale, for instance "undarker than 2.5 NPA", which can be described as "extra lemon pale"
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (U.S.)
NPFC National Pollution Funds Center
NPRA National Petroleum Refiners' Association
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (U.S.)
NR Norges Rederiforbund (Oslo) - Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NSA).
NRC National Response Center (USCG)
NRDA National Resource Damage Assessment (pronounced: NERDA)
NRDAM/GLE Natural Resource Damage Assessment Model for Great Lakes Environments
NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council
NRDC The National Resources Defense Council (U.S.)
NRT National Response Team (U.S.) ; Net Registered or Register Tonnage
NS Norsk Styrmandsforening - the former Norwegian association for ships' mates.
NSA see NR
NSF Norsk Sjomannsforbund - Norwegian Seafarers' Union, (also Norsk Skibsforerforbund - Norwegian Association of Master Mariners)
NSF National Strike Force (U.S.)
NSFCC National Strike Force Coordination Center (U.S.)
NSOAF North Sea Offshore Authority Forum.
NSRP National Shipbuilding Research Program
NSU National Seafarers' Union (Sri Lanka)
NSV Net Standard Volume - the total volume of all petroleum liquids, excluding S&W and free water, corrected by the appropriate temperature correction factor (Ct1) for the observed temperature and API gravity, relative density or density to a standard temperature such as 60ºF or 15ºC and also corrected by the applicable pressure correction factor (Cp1) and meter factor.
NT Net Tonnage - the volumetric cargo capacity of a ship expressed on the basis of 100 cubic feet tot he ton. On passenger vessels it also includes space used by passengers.
NTC Norwegian Training Center (Manila)
NTIS National Technical Information Service (U.S.)
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
NUMAST British trade union for officers and crew.
NUS National Union of Seamen - British seamen's union.
NUSI National Union of Seamen of India
NVIC Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular
NVOC Non Vessel Owning Company
NVOCC Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier
NWS National Weather Center
NYNNGWB New York Not North of George Washington Bridge
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