D (Delta) Keep clear of me, I am maneuvering with difficulty
DBB Deals, Battens and Boards. Unit of measure of timber.
DBT Double Bottom Tanks
Dead Freight Money payable by shipper or charterer to ship-owner or shipping line for failing to load the amount of cargo stipulated in contract.
Deadweight The largest weight of cargo, bunkers and stores a ship is able to carry. Expressed in metric tons (1,000 kg) or long tons (1,016 kg). The deadweight tonnage is the most important commercial measurement. Normally the maximum payload for a ship is three to ten per cent lower than the deadweight, due to the weight of bunkers and stores, etc.
Decompression Slow, controlled reduction of pressure inside a pressure chamber to prevent divers from suffering the "bends" after a too fast ascent.
Degassing The removal of oil and gas from the drilling mud which may then be used again.
Dehydration Plant/ Water Separation Plant
Various types of equipment for the "drying" of gas or oil.
DEL Delivery
DELREDEL Delivery and Redelivery
DEM Demurrage - A fixed sum, per day or per hour, agreed to be paid for the detention of the vessel under charter at the expiration of the allowed laytime.
Demurrage Money paid to ship-owner by charterer, shipper or receiver, for failing to complete loading/discharging within time allowed according to charter-party.
Derrick Man Platform worker handling the drill stem in the tower.
DES Disaster Emergency Services
Deviated Well A hole which intentionally is not drilled straight down.
DF Dead Freight ; Direction finder
DFD Demurrage/Free Dispatch - An expression confirming that a ship owner may be entitled to demurrage for port delay to his vessel, but that no dispatch is applicable in case lay time is saved - e.g.: "$ 2,000 Demurrage/Free Dispatch". Common in short-sea and other trades where turn-a-round in port is speedy; for example, ro-ro vessels.
DG Directorate General - the term used for the various departments of the EU-Commission.
DHD / D½D Demurrage/Half Dispatch - This term, often found in voyage charter negotiations, signifies that dispatch money is to be paid at half the daily demurrage rate.
DHPT Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Diamond Bit The tip of the drill stem reinforced with diamond to prolong its lifetime.
DIP Depth of liquid = to American expression: gauge
Dip Meter An instrument to measure deviations in the vertical component in the terrestrial magnetic field. Used to determine the position of the sediment and its structure, and to measure the deviation of the drilling hole.
Directional Drilling see Deviated Well.
DIS Dansk Internationalt Skibsregister - Danish International Shipregister.
DISP Dispatch - An agreed amount per day or per hour agreed to be paid to terminals or charterer of a vessel for prompt turnaround of a vessel. Usually half the amount of the agreed demurrage rate. (Demurrage - Half Dispatch).
Dispatch Remuneration payable by shipowner to charterer, shipper or receiver for loading/discharging in less than the time allowed according to charter-party.
Disposal Well Drilling hole which is prepared for the re-injection of produced saline into the reservoirs.
Diving Bell Bell shaped construction for deep sea diving.
Diving Support Vessel Ship with diving equipment on board, carrying out various types of diving operations. May also be equipped with remotely operated or controlled sub-sea robots (Remote Operated Vehicle - ROV).
DK Deutsche Schiffs-Revision und Klassifikation
DNME Dynamic Non-Member Economies (referring to dynamic countries which are not members of the OECD)
DNMF Det norske maskinistforbund - the Norwegian association for Ships' engineers.
DNV Det Norske Veritas (NV) - Norwegian classification society.
DNVPS Det Norske Veritas Petroleum Services
DO Diesel Oil
DOA U.S. Department Of Agriculture
DOC Document of Compliance
DOD U.S. Department Of Defense
DOE U.S. Department Of Energy
DOH U.S. Department Of Health
DOI U.S. Department Of the Interior
Donald Duck-effect Voice distortion due to the inhalation of the oxygen-helium mixture used in deep sea diving.
DOP Dropping Outward Pilot - frequently used provision in a time charter to determine the time and place of redelivery of a ship to the owner by the charterer. The hire ceases at the moment the pilot disembarks.
DOT U. S. Department Of Transportation
DOTC Department Of Transportation Classification
DoTI Department of Trade and Industry, UK
DP Dynamic Positioning
Dynamic Positioning Officer
DPP Dirty Petroleum Products
DPS Dynamic Positioning System
DR Danmarks Rederiforening - the Danish Shipowners' Association.
DRAFT The depth of a ship in the water. This distance is measured from the bottom of the ship to the surface of the water. Draft marks are painted or welded on the surface of the vessels vertical plating. They are placed forward, aft and amidships on both sides of the vessel. At the amidships draft the official Load Line marker (Plimsoll mark) is also found. This Plimsoll mark designates the vessels maximum drafts allowed under various conditions.
Drag Bit One-bladed drillbit for drilling in soft sediments.
Drift Horizontal error during drilling operations.
Drill Pipe Pipes with thin walls used during drilling. Each section is normally approximately 10 metres long.
Drill Stem The string driving the bit into the sediments.
Drill Stem Test Standard procedure to test oil or gas discoveries during drilling.
Drill String see Drill Stem.
Driller The person in charge during drilling operations.
Drilling Barge Barge equipped for drilling operations in smooth seas. Normally not equipped with own propulsion machinery. Max. drilling depth approximately 150 meters.
Drilling Fluid, Drilling Mud A special mixture used during drilling operations to lubricate the bit and balance the pressure in the drilling hole.
Drilling Rig Drilling tower with turntable and mud pumping system. May be installed on an offshore rig or placed on a fixed or floating offshore installation like a drillship.
Drilling Supervisor The engineer in charge.
Drilling Tender Service vessel with personnel and equipment to the drilling rig ; Ship serving drilling installations which are depending on a ship or a barge for storage, accommodation, etc.
Drillship Ship equipped with drilling rig and its own propulsion machinery. Kept in position by Dynamic Positioning Equipment. Operating in waters with a max. depth of 2,000 metres.
Dry cargo Grain, coal, ore, general cargo, etc.
DSO De samarbeidende organisasjoner - cooperation between DNMF and NS for mobile offshore installations (Norway).
DSRK Deutsche Schiffs Revision und Klassifikation - German classification society.
Diving Support Vessel
DT Deep Tank - Tank situated between the holds of a ship, primarily used for water ballast but capable of carrying water or fuel.
DW/DWT Dead Weight/Dead Weight Tons
DWAT Dead Weight All Told:
The total deadweight of a vessel at any time, or estimated against a particular draft. Includes cargo, bunkers, constant weight, etc.
DWCC Dead Weight Cargo Capacity ; Dead Weight Carrying Capacity: Weight of cargo which a ship is able to carry when immersed to the appropriate load line, expressed in tones or tons.
Dynamic positioning Keeping the ship's position with the help of automatically controlled propellers.
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