B (Bravo) I am taking on or discharging explosives (Dangerous Cargo)
B.S.&W. Bottom Sediment and Water
B/D Barrels per Day
B/L Bills of Lading (Blading) - The basic document between a shipper and a carrier and a shipper and a consignee. It represents the contract of carriage and defines the terms and conditions of carriage. It is the final receipt from the carrier for the goods shown on it and for the condition of the goods. It describes the nature, quantity and weight of the cargo carried. It is also the document of title of the goods shown.
Dirty B/L - Bill of Lading with Captain's note of protest as to the condition of the cargo.
B/N Booking Note
BA Buenos Aires
BAF Bunkers Adjustment Factor
Ballast Sea water taken into a vessel's tanks in order to submerge the vessel to proper trim. Proper trim is necessary in order to safely navigate the vessel in light condition. Ballast can be taken into cargo tanks, double bottoms, fore and aft peak tanks and/or segregated ballast tanks (SBT)
BAP Best Available Protection
Bareboat The hiring or leasing of a vessel from one company to another (the charterer), which provides crew, bunkers, stores, etc. and pays all operating costs.
Bareboat Charter-Party (Demise C/P) Contract for the hire of an empty ship. All operating costs are covered by the charterer.
Barrel Measure for oil. There are 7.1 barrels of oil in one ton. Each barrel is approximately 159 litres. Many abbreviations: b, bbl, bar. Sometimes written with capital letters. Barrels per day (Bd or b/d) specifies the production rate per day.
BB Bahia Blanca ; Ballast Bonus - A lump sum amount paid to a ship owner, usually as a reward (a bonus) for positioning the vessel at a certain place as a prerequisite for her delivery on to time-charter - e.g.: for a ship ex-Mediterranean Sea, "delivering United States Gulf for a time-charter trip to the Far East at US$ 5,000 daily, plus a ballast bonus of US$ 100,000". Occasionally paid as a reward for accepting redelivery from time-charter in an unfavourable position. A Ballast Bonus may be nett (i.e. free of address commissions and brokerages) or gross (i.e.: subject to deduction of brokerage and address commission). ; Below Bridges: - indicates agreement for a vessel to proceed to that section of a port or a river/canal that is "below bridges" - in other words below the place(s) where height restrictions would prevent a vessel navigating beneath certain overhead obstructions. - e.g.: "Vessel to discharge at one safe berth River Thames, Below Bridges".
BBB Before Breaking Bulk - freight to be paid, i.e. the money deposited into the shipping company's account, prior to discharging.
BCH Code International code (IMO) for the construction and equipment of ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk
BCM Distance from Bow to Center of Cargo Manifolds
BD Bar draft ; Bundle
BDI Both Dates Inclusive
BEI Banque Europenne d'Investissement - The European Investment Bank.
Bell Diving Carrying out diving within a diving vessel, shaped like a bell.
Benchmarking To compare someone or something with the best that can be achieved within a specified field.
BENDS Both Ends
Benelux Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg
BFI Baltic Freight Index - an index for bulk freight rates.
BGCP Berth Grain Charter Party
BH Bordeaux Hamburg Range
BHP Brake Horse Power
BIAC Business and Industry Advisory Committee - OECD's advisory committee. Opposite to TUAC.
BICC Bureau International des Chambres de Commerce - International information bureau for Chambers of Commerce.
BIFA British International Freight Association
BIFFEX Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange (London) - an exchange for the buying and selling of futures, based on the BFI.
BIFFEX Baltic International Freight Futures Market
BILGE The lower internal part of the hull where the vertical sides meet the bottom. This term also applies to both the inside and the outside of the hull. The internal space can be the lower part of a ship's hold or the engine room and serves as a drainage area where accumulated water can run into and be pumped from.
Bill of Lading (B/L) Negotiable document issued by shipowner to shipper of goods. Contains terms and conditions of the contract.
BIMCO The Baltic and International Maritime Council (Copenhagen)
BIMCO The Baltic and International Maritime Council, Copenhagen
BIS Bank for International Settlements (Basel)
BISCO British Iron and Steel Corporation
Bit Drill bit.
BITT Cast steel heads serving as posts to which mooring lines and cables are secured on ships
BLF Bow Loading Facilities
Block Denotes an area awarded for test drilling or production. Block sizes may vary.
Blowout Uncontrolled blow out of oil or gas due to excessive pressure in the reservoir.
Blowout Preventer Also called "Christmas Tree", a safety valve placed on the well head.
BLT Built
BMIN Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation
BMLA British Maritime Law Association
BNA British North America
BO Best Offer
BOA Basic Ordering Agreement
BOP Abbreviation for Blowout Preventer.
BOSVA British Offshore Supply Ships Association
BOTB British Overseas Trade Board (London)
BOW The forward most part of a vessel. This area usually houses gear lockers and is the end where anchors and mooring equipment are located.
Box Everyday term for container.
Break-Bulk Cargo Goods shipped loose in the vessel's hold and not in container.
BRM Bridge Resource Management
BROA British Rigowners' Association
BS (B/S) Bunker surcharge
BSC British Shippers Council
BSI British Standards Institution
BT Berth Terms
BTCS Butterworth Tank Cleaning System

A mechanical device used for the purpose of cleaning oil tanks by means of high pressure jets of hot water. The apparatus basically consists of double opposed nozzles which rotate slowly bout their horizontal and vertical axis and project two streams of water through all possible angles against all inside surfaces of the space being cleaned. The tank washing machines can deliver sprays of water at various temperatures and pressures which are dictated by the type of cargoes carried and the reasons for cleaning (Quick bottom wash through gas-freeing and tank entry for hot work).
Bulk ship (bulk carrier) Single deck ship carrying homogenous unpackaged cargoes. Loaded through large hatchways.
Bulkcargo Homogeneous dry cargo (not packaged), e.g. coal, grain, iron ore, etc.
Bulk-oil carrier Multipurpose vessel built to carry cargoes of coal as well as oil. Most bulk-oil carriers are reinforced to carry ores and are called OBO-ship (ore/bulk/oil).
Bumber Sub
A tool, appr. 20 metres long, allowing a certain amount of vertical movement.
Bunkers Ship's fuel. To take on fuel, is called bunkering.
Bury Barge Vessel especially equipped to bury oil and gas pipelines on the sea bed.
BV Bureau Veritas - French classification society.
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